Friday, June 21, 2013

An Affordable & Fun Way to Try Yoga

A little while back we told you about an event for something called Pop Up Yoga. The idea of a yoga studio that holds classes in different places, often outside when it's nice enough, really intrigued me. So when we heard about another one of these events, I jumped on the opportunity to find out more about these alternative yoga classes and Corinne from Pop Up Yoga was kind enough to answer my questions. Check out the interview below to see how much it costs, the kind of classes, where they are held and more! Then make your way to a class sometime and see what it's like first hand.

HipInDetroit- First of all, for the people who might not already know, what is Pop Up Yoga exactly? How did this idea come about?

Pop Up Yoga is a donation based traveling yoga "studio" offering affordable classes in and around the city of Detroit on a regular basis. After living in a city (Austin, TX) that has several donation yoga studios, I thought, why not Detroit? No ones doing it, and it's much needed. The only way to start this business with very little funds was to do it "pop-up" style.

HipInDetroit- What are the benefits of having a traveling "studio"? What places are the classes held in?

Corinne- By having a traveling yoga "studio" we are able to keep overhead low, by paying a percentage of money collected for each class to the different venues that we use. This allows us to continue to collect donations, and not worry about meeting a certain quota. By offering classes at a donation rate, it is allowing yoga to be affordable to everyone, which otherwise could be quite expensive.

HipInDetroit- What classes are offered?

Corrine- Currently we are offering Basic (Hatha Flow), Hot Vinyasa and slow flow. We are in the process of adding some Hip Hop Yoga and Yin.

HipInDetroit- What do you typically ask for a donation?

Corrine- We are currently suggesting donations ranging from $5-$15.

HipInDetroit- On average how big are the classes?

Corinne- Classes can range anywhere from 2-25 people.

HipInDetroit- Pop Up Yoga holds monthly Yoga Jams. What are these? When is the next one and what can we look forward to doing at this one?

Corinne- The Yoga Jam is a monthly party we host to raise funds for the business. The Jam always consists of 4-5 different teachers tag teaming a one hour and twenty minute class with a live DJ (Brandon Audette). And depending on the location, we sometimes offer food and wine. Our next Jam on the 28th of June is outside at Lafayette Greens, so instead of offering food and wine, we have an official after party at Seva Detroit. There, our students can enjoy $2 off Yoga Cosmos and some complimentary appetizers.

HipInDetroit- Why should someone who hasn't tried yoga before give it a try?

Corinne- One of the most amazing things we've noticed since we started these classes back in January is that about 90% of our students are NEW to yoga! So not only are new students surrounded by other new students, but we also don't have that "yoga studio" feel at any of our locations, so new students don't have to feel intimidated or worried about fitting in, which we've found is a common feeling about yoga studios in general.

HipInDetroit- One of our favorite questions to ask people is what are your favorite places in Detroit. So what are you favorite restaurants, venues, shops, etc.?

Corinne- I really like Sergeant Pepperoni's because they offer vegan pizza and schwarmas- I like the whole complex really, bowling, venues and all... I also like Green Dot Stables- they have lots of great vegan options. For coffee, I like Stella @ The Fisher- post remodel. The Tangent Gallery is also a great venue, Pop Up Yoga did their first Yoga Jam there and I also used that space for my other business Chartreuse- Joe, the owner is great!

Pop Up Yoga is a great way for that person who is a little nervous to go ahead and try it. It's also a much more affordable way to take yoga classes, as they really can get pretty expensive. To stay updated on when they have classes, keep an eye on their schedule here. This month's Yoga Jam on June 28 is at 7 p.m. at Lafayette Greens and costs $20. So dress comfortably, bring a mat, water, and a donation that you can afford and take advantage of the nice summer weather while getting in shape and healthy.


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