Thursday, October 31, 2013

Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos at Imperial!

By now you already know about the great food at Imperial in Ferndale. Not only do they have some of the best tacos around, but they also have some of the best looking waitresses and bartenders in town, male and female. Once a year Imperial has a Dia De Los Muertos celebration, a.k.a. Day of the Dead.

Last year, the staff had their faces painted and they hosted an art show to raise money for charity. They auctioned off hand painted paper mache skulls and raised over $2,500. This year, for the 2nd annual celebration, they will once again be auctioning off hand painted paper mache skulls, this time to benefit Roosevelt Schools and the Ferndale Eagles Scholarship Program. On November 1st there will be an artist reception at 7 p.m. and on November 2nd they will have an all day celebration for the Day of the Dead. This will feature tamales, special cocktails, face painters, and more. Some of the local artists include Lyle Hayman, who you might remember from the Chop Shop video, Mark Heggie, owner of Big Top Tattoo, and Jerry Vile, a local celebrity.

This event is sponsored by Pinwheel Bakery and Real Detroit. This would be a great time to stop and have a couple cocktails, a couple tacos, and maybe even buy some art for a good cause. Believe me it's worth it just to see the good looking staff!


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