Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wrestlemania Halloween Party at Green Dot Stables!!!

In the 80s I can remember watching TV with my Grandpa and he always wanted to watch the same thing, Pro Wrestling. Back in those days The Iron Sheik, Hulk, and Randy Savage were his heroes. They strutted their stuff in the tightest spandex you could think of and no one really knew how fake wrestling truly was.

Wrestling has changed over the years and this has become known as the golden era. I had no idea that people were still interested in wrestling, but have recently learned many of my friends still watch Pro Wrestling, even know they know how fake it is.

Green Dot Stables happens to be one of my favorite local restaurants and this Halloween they are hosting a Wrestlemania Halloween party. They are encouraging people to dress up as their favorite 80s wrestler and come out to celebrate the holiday. They will have drink and food specials and will be playing the theme songs of your favorite wrestlers all night. This party takes place on Halloween (October 31st) at 8 p.m. There is no entry fee and Green Dot is located at 2200 Lafayette Boulevard in Detroit. This is a great chance to get out and try their food while wearing your brightest spandex!


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