Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Talking 5 Years of Snakewing with the Guys in Snakewing

Tonight one of the most badass metal bands in Detroit is celebrating their Fifth Anniversary, fittingly on Devil's Night. Snakewing is made up of Phil Berry on vocals, Nick Hamilton on guitar, Cris Golan on bass, and Kevin Hickner on drums. They're probably one of the heaviest and most badass bands in town, but they're also some of the nicest and coolest dudes around (sorry to ruin the fa├žade, guys). They will be celebrating their anniversary tonight at The Park Bar along with Old Gods and Misfortunate Sons. To get ready for their big five year bash we caught up with the guys to look back on Snakewing's history and find out some of the band's "Top Fives". Here's what they had to say:

Hip In Detroit- What's the best show you guys have played over the past 5 years?
Snakewing- "Pearl Necklace with SNAFU. Basement Show, Mosh Pit, Cops Came, Fist Fight, Blood on Wall, Black Eyes, Drunken Madness!!! Or the All leather show when Kevin fogged the sound guy's face!!"

Hip In Detroit- The worst show?
Snakewing- "Theater Bizarre in 2011 was pretty bad due to the sound being awful and our fans not being able to find us in the maze of the Masonic Temple. But, the worst is probably the show Cris went to jail after....bad night."

Hip In Detroit- 5 most memorable moments in Snakewing history?
Snakewing- "1. Beating down another "band" during our set for throwing full beer cans at us while we played...all because they wanted our time slot. Sucked for them. 2. Playing with Negative Approach!!! 3. Releasing a split record with Easy Action!! 4. Opening for Coliseum. 5. Our buddy Brendan Joyce's bathroom sink with a volcano of hair/debris coming out of the drain...unforgettable!!"

Hip In Detroit- What are your top 5 bands in Detroit?
Snakewing- "Hellmouth, Easy Action, Year of the Pig, SNAFU, Against The Grain."

Hip In Detroit- What are the 5 worst things ever in the universe?  
Snakewing- "Government, Religion, Pollution, Money, Liars."

Hip In Detroit- What are the 5 best things ever in the universe?
Snakewing- "Sex, Marijuana, Beer, Music, Sex."

Hip In Detroit- 5 best boobies?
Snakewing- "Durgan, Durgan, Durgan, Durgan, and Kyle Green."

Hip In Detroit- Give us 5 reasons everyone should listen to Snakewing.
Snakewing- "1. We mean it. 2. We don't sound like anybody else. 3. We mean it. 4. You want to break things. 5. We mean it."

Hip In Detroit- What are the top 5 reasons why people should come out to the show on Wednesday?
Snakewing- "1. Snakewing Prayer Candles!! 2. Old Gods. 3. Misfortunate Sons. 4. Henry Pardike DJ'ing. 5. It's Wednesday and you need a break from the grind. Bring it!!!!!"

Doors for tonight's show open at 8 p.m. and it's only $5 to get in. The Park Bar is located at 2040 Park Ave. in Detroit (attached to Bucharest Grill). For all of the details on the event, or to congratulate the band on 5 years of being awesome, click here.


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