Thursday, October 10, 2013

Roma Cafe

There is nothing like sharing dinner and drinks with friends, so this weekend I had a few friends meet me at Roma Cafe to do just that. I was in the mood for red wine and pasta and Roma was the perfect place to get that fix.

We started our meal with small House Salad that included homemade dressing, chickpeas, tomatoes, and eggs. I was thrown by the egg slices, but I have to admit that I like eggs and I thought it was a good touch. Next, I ordered a regular Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce. I received quite a hefty portion and ate as much as I could, but it was way more than I could eat. My dining mates had Gnocchi in a Basil Sauce and Seafood Alfredo. I tried both and liked both, but was happier with my pick. The Alfredo was too rich for my blood and the sauce on Gnocchi was a little to flavorful, I am more of Plain Jane when it comes to sauce. To finish out the meal we ordered two different desserts, Tiramisu and a Strawberry Shortcake. I loved both especially the Tiramisu; it was rich, but not too rich and again was a huge portion.

I am very picky when it comes to Italian restaurants and I have always loved Roma. Even when it's just ok, it's great. The place has an old Italian feel and has been open since 1890. It is actually the oldest operating restaurant in Detroit. They even had a man come out and serenade a fellow diner for her birthday. He sang like an angel. Roma Cafe features free valet parking and it is always smart to call ahead with a reservation because they are also pretty busy. Meals range from $15-$30 and drinks are around $8-$10 depending on what you get. Roma Cafe is located at 3401 Riopelle in Detroit near Eastern Market. Bon Appetit.


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