Monday, October 7, 2013

Win Tickets to Fall Out Fest!

The trees are turning colors and the temperatures are dropping, fall is finally here. There's no better way to celebrate the changing of seasons then to attend Fall Out Fest. The New Dodge in Hamtramck is taking all the fun of the summer festivals and bringing it indoors for one more huge blowout party before the weather takes a turn for the worse. They are building a second stage and having 16 bands play back to back this Saturday, October 12th starting at 4 p.m. It's one of the most eclectic lineups that I have ever seen, but it has some of my favorite acts in the area, including George Morris, Flashclash, The HandGrenades, and Silent Lions. There are also a few people I'm looking forward to seeing for the first time, including Raptura, Laura Finlay, and Mexican Knives. For a full list of bands and song samples from each band you can click here. If that's not enough to convince you to come out we also have two guest lists spots to giveaway thanks to Jesse and John, the magnificent minds behind this festival.

To win these tickets you have to help us promote the show. How do you do that you ask? Well just share the Facebook invite, tweet us, or Instagram about Fall Out Fest and tag us in the post. We will pick two lucky winners a few days before the show and they will be on the list plus one when they arrive. You must share the Facebook post from our actual Facebook for us to be able to see it. If you just share it, we will never know, so share accordingly. If you don't win tickets don't worry, somehow it is only $10 dollars tops, but even cheaper if you are 21+. Throw on your comfiest boots, your favorite scarf, and let's spend the day listening to great Detroit music!

Hip In Detroit- The most obvious questions to ask is, why did you call this event Fall Out Fest?
John- "I wanted a name that made people think of the Fall season and I've always really liked the idea of post apocalyptic imagery and themes."

Hip In Detroit- Why a festival and not just a normal 4 or 5 band lineup?
John- "Normal band lineups can become a bit repetitive. This is the first time New Dodge has had two stages and we wanted to make it an event, not just another show."
Jesse- "I think No Wave Detroit actually put on a two stage show this summer, I was either working or out of town or something for it though. I’ve always been a big fan of huge shows, especially turning the normal bar scene upside-down with something like this. And the lineup is really, really eclectic, so hopefully people get turned on to some acts that they might not normally have checked out."

Hip In Detroit- How will you have two stages at The New Dodge? Where will the second one go? Will bands be playing at the same time or back to back with no breaks?
John- "The second stage will be in the Pool room. It will have its own sound man and lighting. We've already done a test run to work out any kinks prior to the show. Bands will play back to back, so the music will be nonstop."
Jesse- "I’ve always had this fantasy of having a Battle of the Bands in which two bands play their sets at the exact same time, facing each other on the same stage. But that’s never gonna happen. So what John said."

Hip In Detroit- How much does it cost to get into the fest?
John & Jesse- "$5 for 21+ / $8 for 18-20 before 10 p.m.; $7 for 21+ / $10 for 18-20 after 10 p.m."

Hip In Detroit- Can you leave and come back or are you in once you're in?
John- "Guests will be able to leave and come back."
Jesse- "Why would you leave?"

Hip In Detroit- Will there be any food or possibly drink specials to have a liquid dinner if there isn't food?
John- "We've talked a little bit about having food, but no guarantee as of yet. As for drinks, no particular specials have been set, but drinks at New Dodge have always been very reasonably priced."
Jesse- "Checkers is across the street. (drops mic)."

Hip In Detroit- What time does the fest start and what time does it officially end?
John- "Doors open at 4:00 p.m. and the last band should end around 2:00 a.m."

Hip In Detroit- What band are you most excited about seeing (other than your own band, duh!).
John- "I'm pretty excited to see Silent Lions from Toledo. I missed their set the other night when I was at The Shelter. They were opening up for Sugar Baron and Stepdad."
Jesse- "I would have said Laura Finlay, but due to an internal scheduling conflict I’m going to be filling in on bass for her band, so it would seem a little narcissistic to say Laura Finlay. So I’d have to say Laura Finlay."

Hip In Detroit- FOR JOHN- I haven’t seen Raptura live, tell me what I can expect.
John- "Raptura is definitely high energy rock with many hardcore, punk, and indie elements. Fall Out will be our first show with a second guitarist, so we're very excited for that. You can listen to music from all of the Fall Out bands, conveniently organized on one page, at"

Hip In Detroit- FOR JESSE- Tell us about joining The HandGrenades. Are you a permanent part of the band now? What's your favorite part of being part of this project?
Jesse- "I’m a permanent part of the band, yes. I’ve always thought Nick and Andrew were some of the best songwriters in town, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the chemistry we’ve experienced in constructing new material. The guys are all my buddies, and it’s easy to tour with people you feel comfortable being weird around. All in all it’s pretty Make."

Thanks to John and Jesse for taking the time to chat with us about Fall Out Fest! The New Dodge is located at 8850 Joseph Campau in Hamtramck.


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  1. Just to correct the marvelous Mr.Bates, No Wave was supposed to do a 2 stage show but due to some scheduling problems it didn't happen. They had to do it all on one stage.

    John M.