Friday, October 11, 2013

Ana-Salute to Solitude

A few months ago I received an EP from the band Ana called Salute to Solitude. This was the latest project fom Josh Augustine who formally played with Wilson, but left the band to pursue his own project. We bonded over a mutual interest of all that is 90s and I asked him to keep me in the loop once he got his new music recorded. I loved the tracks that he sent over, you could tell that writing and releasing his own music with his new band was a much better fit for him because, man, this shit is good.

Ana sites its biggest influences as Nirvana, Thrice, Alice in Chains, Metallica, The Used , and Brand New. 90s mixed with some post 90s is a good way to describe what they are doing. To top it all off they recorded this music with Nick from The Swellers during one of his brief visits to town in between tours. Flint boys helping Flint boys.

The EP was relased to iTunes this week on Prettygood Label Records and is available for purchase here. You can also catch them this Saturday at the Diesel Lounge in Chesterfield if you like what you hear. Always love to get the word out when a new band that we actually dig pops up, so check it out!


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