Monday, October 21, 2013

Creepy Cheapy

When I was younger I fell in love with a woman named Courtney Love. I fantasized about what it would be like to be her, to be married to Kurt Cobain, singing, writing, and touring on Lollapalooza, and generally being the most badass girl in rock and roll. I sat in my room and screamed out the lyrics to Live Through This on a near daily basis. My brother can literally sing "Miss World" because he heard me sing it so many times, he wouldn't be happy to admit that. I always wondered what it would be like to do my version of Courtney in front of a crowd, but I never dreamed I would get the opportunity to do so.

At Hip In Detroit's one year celebration I got the chance to sing "Violet" with Destroy This Place at the end of their set. It was by far one of the coolest moments I have had since we started this website. Who knew that it would open up the opportunity to actually perform as Hole at this year's Creepy Cheapy at The Crofoot. That's right kids, I will be joining Destroy This Place this Friday, October 25th on the stage and doing a set as my idol. I can't wait to do this, I've been practicing for months. But, there's one thing I need to make this dream a true reality, I need a crowd there screaming along with me! I need everyone of you to bust out Live Through This and give yourself a quick refresher of the lyrics. Let's make this one big 90s tribute to the queen of grunge! But, unfortunately for me the show is not all about me.there's also a lot of other great cover bands playing.

This year's lineup also features members of the Grande Nationals as Motley Crue, Search The City as Jimmy Eat World, Chase Morris as Ludacris, The Hounds Below as Pavement, Lord Scrummage as Ween, Flint Eastwood as The Ramones, El Dee as No Doubt, and many, many more. For a full list of acts go here.

The best part about Creepy Cheapy is that tickets are only $5 for a regular or $10 for the enhanced ticket. The enhanced ticket gets you quicker access to the show. If you've been there before you know that the line can get long very quickly. In fact, I think the show was completely sold out by 10 o'clock last year, so you may want to think about starting your night earlier than you're used to or risk the chance of not being able to get in on the fun. Throw on whatever costume you want get there early and let's party!


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