Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Chop Shop - Bringing Back the Barber Shop Experience (VIDEO)

Growing up my dad always woke up early on Saturday mornings and cooked breakfast for the family. Waking up to the smell of pancakes or french toast in the morning is still one my fondest memories. But, every third Saturday I knew to wake up and have a bowl of cereal because my dad would be gone for a few hours in the morning. On these Saturdays he left the house before I woke up and went to the local barber shop to hang with the guys and get his hair trimmed and lined up. My father understood the value of a skilled barber and a good haircut. I can still remember how handsome he looked and how good he smelled when he came home from the shop. To this day he still drives to the same shop every three weeks to make sure he stays fresh and clean. It occurred to me that this ritual has been lost on my generation. Today most men reluctantly go to a local salon and poorly explain the look they want to someone who doesn't necessarily specialize in men's haircuts. They leave feeling frustrated and without the haircut they were looking for. Thankfully I recently learned it doesn't have to be this way.

The Chop Shop in Berkley opened in 2005 and they have been working to bring back the experience of going to the barber shop, just like my father has always done. The Chop Shop describes themselves as "full service hair cutters that honor the tradition of the neighborhood barber shop". They employ both cosmetologists and barbers to take care of their clients every need. The Chop Shop is decorated like a garage, the kind that you see in movies, complete with craftsmen tool boxes and lots of pictures of cars and hot rods. The chairs that you sit in were literally rescued and refurbished from old shops that are long gone. They specialize in men's haircuts, but also offer kids' and women's haircuts, as well as specialties, like straight razor hot shaves.

We asked one of their stylists to let us in after hours and give us a sneak peak of a typical experience at the shop. My trainer Mark Culpepper volunteered to get his hair cut while we chatted. Stylist Lyle Hayman told us about the shop. We have to admit that we were more than impressed with the space and with the haircut. Lyle is passionate about what he does and is a perfectionist, something we truly appreciate in a hair dresser. He said that he wants your hair to lay just as perfectly when you do it as it does when he styles it. Basically, if you come to him he will make sure that you do not have a bad hair day period. Once you see the video of what he can do you'll understand why he makes this promise.

The Chop Shop is open Monday-Friday from 10-6,  9-4 on Saturday, and Sunday by appointment. They also schedule clients before or after their normal hours at your request. They take appointments by phone at  (248)546-2237 or you can walk in. The Chop Shop is located at 2980 12 Mile Rd. in Berkley. Thanks so much for letting us come and see the shop! We love what you're doing and think that others will too. There is nothing like a good looking man with a nice hair cut. Trust me boys, it's time to bring back the local barber shop.

~S & C

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