Thursday, October 4, 2012

Win Tickets To See Wilson at Small's Anniversary Party with Golden Torso, The A-Gang and Cadaver Dogs!

In the 60’s everyone wanted to party with The Rat Pack, but in 2012 it's all about The Party Rat! Wilson has been gallivanting around the U.S. and sharing their journey through photos of the Party Rat. Chad promises that when the record is released next year, we will come to understand more about the Party Rat. But, for now this is what we do know. The Party Rat loves to party, he is known for drinking booze, staying out late and passing out in random places. Most importantly, he loves to listen to Wilson and have a good time.

Speaking of loving Wilson and having a good time, who wants to see Wilson and party with them on October 12th when they return home from their trip around the U.S.? What if I told you that you could win a pair of tickets to hang out with the Party Rats during the first night of Small’s 13th Anniversary Blowout. You would ask me "How, how do I get these passes to come out and play with the party animals?" Well, it's very simple. You have until Monday to show us how you party. 

We want to know that you are worthy of spending a wicked evening drinking, dancing and downing shots of whiskey with the big boys. So, all you have to do is post a picture of you and your friends partying. We want proof that you can have a good time! You can either post the picture on our Facebook page or onour Twitter (@hipindetroit). On Monday, October 8th, the writers of Hip In Detroit will pick their favorite party animals and they will be eligible for two passes to the show.

If the picture includes Wilson, Detroit, the word "hip", leopard print, marching band drums, a Golden Torso, A-Gang or a dog, you may earn bonus points! But... really, just impress us! Best photo (in our opinion) wins!  

Remember Friday's show also features Golden Torso, The A-Gang and Cadaver Dogs. Small's is also featuring $4 PBR Tallboys all weekend. If you are not the lucky winner, you can purchase tickets at and still join the party!

Can't wait to see how you party animals roll! Happy posting!

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