Friday, October 19, 2012

Have You Heard About P.A.N. Shop Yet?

We've been hearing about the P.A.N. Shop a lot lately, but we weren't really sure what it was exactly. They have an awesome show coming up tomorrow, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to contact them and find more out about what they are and what they do there. It sounds like a pretty cool place, but I'll let Jesse from the shop explain a bit better what they are all about.
HipinDetroit- So, what is P.A.N. Shop exactly? I think heard it was a tattoo shop and now you have shows there, but your Facebook lists a few other fun things... 

Jesse- Wellll the P.A.N. Shop (PS) has never been a tattoo shop. It was originally supposed to be skate and novelty store. Unfortunately the economy just isn't strong enough in South Warren. Sooooo PS has just served as my studio and mini fun factory. It pretty much serves whatever purpose I need it to. Usually though I'm just listening to music through the P.A. involved in some various art project such as: painting (spray, brush, ink, etc.) woodburning a skateboard, carving, sketching and on. 

HipinDetroit- You've had some really good bands playing there lately. How long have you had shows there? How did that get started? 

Jesse- We pretty much just started having bands, out of boredom I think ha. Nawww jk. I've been in bands all my life, it's something I enjoy being close to. Honestly the sound is amazing. Break Anchor practices here and it sounds so clear, like this building was made for punk rock music. 

HipinDetroit- Who is playing the show Saturday, October 20? What time, how much is it? 

Jesse- Fires in Japan, Down Down Down, Standard Issue, The Flaks and The Marshall Cardinals. Doors are 7 p.m. 18+ and $5 donation. 

HipinDetroit- We always ask people we talk to what their favorite places to go in Detroit are. What are your favorite bars, venues, restaurants, etc.? 

Jesse- Corktown, Lager House, Byblo's, Comet and R.I.P. 2500 Club to name a few. 

HipinDetroit- What is the best way for people to find out what shows and other things you have going on? 

Jesse- Keep your eyes open or like P.A.N. Shop on Facebook!!!!!!! 

Between Toepfer House and P.A.N. Shop, Warren is really becoming the place to go for a good show! I can't wait to check out PS. Make sure to head there on Saturday for what is sure to be an awesome show!


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