Friday, October 26, 2012

Ryan Dillaha at the Lager House Tonight!

I like to make sure that we cover all the music that is happening around the area weather its punk, rock and roll or in this case, good, old fashioned country. Local artist Ryan Dillaha is having a release party to celebrate a new 7 inch this today, October 26th at the Lager House at 9 p.m.

This release is the latest and greatest from Motorcity Special. He is playing for just $5 with Eric Kelly and the Crooked Little Reasons, and John Holk and the Kinfolk. Ryan can be categorized as a mix of bluegrass, folk and new-age country with a little bit of rock and roll. 

We were sent a video of the song that is going to be released on the 7 inch and we really liked it so we wanted to let our readers see the video, hear the song and know about the show. 
If you’re looking to see some real down home Detroit talent today, make sure to get to the Lager House and check him out. We also found a YouTube video for a song called “Detroit City” that we think would make a great sing along if performed live! Should be a great show!


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