Monday, October 15, 2012

Fun Weekend Down in Ham Town!

This past weekend we saw a ton of awesome bands, drank too much PBR and pumpkin vodka and had a blast. Small's 13th Anniversary shows were as good as we expected them to be. 
It started off Friday night with Cadaver Dogs who have been on tour with Wilson, and there really couldn't be a more perfect band to play with them. They are from Ohio and they blew me away, baby. The A-Gang and Wilson put on great shows as always. I do have one question though, how the hell did Kyle get on the ceiling? I swear I only looked away for half of a second and then he was up there out of nowhere, guitar and all! 
We caught up with Golden Torso before they played for a fun interview that will be on the site soon. Spoiler: they were awesome.

Saturday was even crazier. Trash Brats really pulled in a lot of people and put on a killer show, as did Troubleman. Ricky Rat's hair was as good as we'd hoped!
Break Anchor also played Saturday, setting the bar high for the other bands as usual. Check out a video from their set: 

Thanks again to Small's for everything and congratulations on 13 successful years!


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