Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Music In The Library?!?!

You know how you have to be quiet when you're in the library? I'm sure everyone has been shushed by a librarian at least once in their lives. Well, the Ferndale Public Library has switched it up a bit and opened their doors to bands on Fridays for their First Stop Friday concert series. These shows are free and open to all ages. They also start early, hence the name 'first stop', so you can make it to another show the same night and get a full night of music!

This Friday, October 5th, there are two really good bands playing at the library, Almost Free and The Jet Rodriguez. We were able to catch up with Chris who works with both bands and ask him a few questions about the bands and the show.

HipinDetroit- You work with both bands playing the show this Friday, can you tell us a little background about each band? They each have their own sound, can you describe that a bit?

Chris- I do work with both bands and I love both bands. Almost Free are a trio that have been playing together and writing music together for almost 10 years now. They have a best friend/brotherhood that has been certainly tested and unbroken throughout that time. They've such a high energy in thier music it's difficult to not catch yourself humming a chorus throughout the day. 

 Almost Free
The Jet Rodriguez started as solo project by Cameron Navetta at the age of 18. The first release "Seven Hour Night Shifts" was an astonishing example of songwriting that evolved into a full band through time.

HipinDetroit- Both Almost Free and The Jet Rodriguez released music in 2011, any plans for either of them to head back to the studio and release something new anytime soon?

Chris- Almost Free has just recorded their latest EP "The Mirror Stage" at Electric Lab Recordings with the noteable and local Bob Ebeling. It's due out this November with a release show and a tour to support it. 

The Jet Rodriguez records on a constant basis. They are preparing a release within the next few months as well.

HipinDetroit- I'm used to having to be quiet in the library, but since this show is part of First Stop Fridays at the Ferndale Public Library, I guess that is going out the window for the night! The bands will be set up right in the library, right? What time does the show start and how much is it?

Chris- First Stop Friday's is a great event. Kelly at the Ferndale Public Library does a great service to the community having these shows to showcase the great local talent for free. It's after hours so the volume can be set to appropriate levels without the "Shh". The doors are at 7pm. The first band starts at 7:30. It typically ends at 9pm to allow people to head to their chosen destinations.

HipinDetroit- We like to ask everyone we talk to what their favorite places in Detroit are. Favorite restaurant, bar, venue, store, etc.

Chris- Almost Free played The Shack this summer with The Summer Pledge, Noman and Oh Condor (OH) and we fell in love with the place. What a party. Too bad it's no more. There's so many great places to go downtown. Union Street, Garden Bowl, Comet Bar, Lager House, Mercury Burger Bar, Motor City Brewing Works, it goes on and on.

Both Almost Free and The Jet Rodriguez have their music available to download for free. You can find Almost Free's download via their Facebook, and The Jet Rodriguez here. So you have no excuse to not check them out! Hope to see everyone at the Library Friday and then at the Loving Touch after for Passalacqua and Duende!


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