Saturday, October 27, 2012

Battle at the Belle Disc Golf Tournament

This weekend there is something a little different going on at Belle Isle. The Battle at the Belle is a disc golf tournament going on today and tomorrow. There was a group started last year to get a disc golf team and course on Belle Isle and they have been working with the city and having events to raise money for their cause. 
This weekends Battle at the Belle is not only a tournament, though. There are tons of bands playing, food and drink vendors, artists performances and activities for kids. So if you're not into the whole disc golf thing, there will be plenty of fun things to do!

We caught up with one of the people in charge, Kate, and asked her a few questions to learn more about the tournament as well as the whole cause. 

HipinDetroit- So, why build a course on Belle Isle? What made you choose Belle Isle as opposed to an already existing course somewhere else?

Kate- Belle Isle is a really beautiful spot in Detroit that hasn't had much action in a long time and we'd like to see it become alive again. We thought that if we created a disc golf course in the city, it would bring some positive change into Detroit. A disc golf course on Belle Isle would be a destination for disc golfers and families from around the region as well as provide a safe and low-cost activity to the local community. 

HipinDetroit- The whole thing started last year. How far into the process have you gotten in getting the course in place? Has the city been easy to work with on this?

Kate- With the support of Parks and Recreation on Belle Isle, we hope to open an 18 hole disc golf course on Belle Isle during the summer of 2013. The city, especially the Belle Isle staff, has been very supportive and great to work with in our efforts to install the course. 

HipinDetroit- I'll be honest, I hadn't even heard of disc golf until a few years ago. A lot of my friends play and it does sound like fun, but I have to ask, why disc golf? Since there isn't any disc golf there already, do you think it will have a big draw and bring more people into the city on a regular basis?

Kate- Well, it's fairly simple, we love disc golf and we strive to spread that love. Other courses in the region receive about 40,000 attendees annually and we are confident Belle Isle has the same potential. We believe a course on Belle Isle will not only bring more people into the city but also introduce the sport to people who already live in Detroit. It will give everyone an opportunity to become a part of the disc golf community and spread the love of disc golf. 

HipinDetroit- To raise money for the course, you are having tournaments and you there is one coming up this weekend. How much is it? What do people need to know to play? 

Kate- The Battle at the Belle event this weekend is a combination of a disc golf tournament, live music, activities for kids, vendors, and raffles in an effort to raise as much money as possible for the installation of a permanent 18-hole course on Belle Isle. It costs $10 per day to come out as a spectator and enjoy the activities and some recreational disc golf on the temporary course we have set up. 

HipinDetroit- Saturday is not only a tournament, though. What other fun things are going on that day?

Kate- With regards to the disc golf tournament, there will be two rounds of singles on Saturday and one round of doubles on Sunday. Saturday's tournament has already sold out. However, Sunday doubles is still open at $20. All players in the tournament receive a players pack, which includes a Belle Isle shirt and a disc. Special offers can be found at the following link: 

As mentioned above, we have many additional activities including live music with a list of great local artists, an area with activities for kids, food trucks, recreational disc golf, and raffles. In general, we're ready to dance and have an awesome time with everybody! 

HipinDetroit- If people are not able to make it out to support your cause this weekend, is there another way to donate towards the disc golf course?

Kate- If you cannot make it out Saturday or Sunday and you still want to help, donations can be made through the following website: 

HipinDetroit- We like to ask everyone we talk to what there favorite places in Detroit are. With the obvious exception of Belle Isle, what are your favorite venues, restaurants, bars, etc.?

Kate- Some personal favorites are TV Bar, Exodus, The Russell Industrial Center, Bucharest, Detroit One Coney Island... Pretty much any spot where innovative and fun activities are going on in addition to good spots for food. 

The disc golf course sounds like a great way to get people into the city more and I don't think any of us can deny that Belle Isle really is a beautiful spot that needs some more attention. We here at Hip in Detroit really appreciate people who do creative things like this to help out the city. I just might have to finally try out disc golf! This weekend will probably be one of the last really nice ones weather-wise, so everyone should really take adavntage and go hang out at Belle Isle!


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