Friday, October 5, 2012

Zombo Summons You to the Theatre of the Bizarre

The Halloween parties on TV always seem to outdo the parties that you actually attend in real life. On TV, everyone is dressed to the nines, the entire room is decorated for the event and there is always really good music playing as the guests drinks and dance. In real life you usually end up in your friend’s basement dancing in a strobe light to Thriller with a bunch of people who wore fake mustaches and pretended that they were dressed up for the night. At least that’s how I remember Halloween parties being, before I discovered that if you dropped a little money you could go to the greatest Halloween party on earth and out do anything that you ever saw on TV. 

Theatre Bizarre is one night a year where the dream of all hallows eve comes alive. It is a place where it is not only expected, but required that you wear a costume. At the masquerade everyone must be dressed for the occasion. This is not a place to wear that slutty nurse costume, unless that slutty nurse is from the depths of hell. In fact, Theatre Bizarre is the closest to hell that you can get without dying.

About 5,000 party goers gather each year and walk through the many rooms filled with music dancing and other freak acts that will blow your mind. Last year, I walked into a room where you could nail anything you wanted to any part of a man if you paid the right price. Each room had its own theme and own form of debauchery.

Theatre Bizarre has been a Detroit staple since 1999. It was originally held near the State Fairgrounds but 3 years ago the city put a stop to that. It spent one year at the Fillmore and then last year it found its new “permanent” home at The Masonic Temple in Detroit. This year will be the 12th masquerade. The event starts at 7 p.m. and goes until the sun rises. Tickets are a bit pricey at $77.50 each, $145.00 for two, $212.50 for three and $280.00 for four, but I promise you won’t be thinking about how much you spent after you attend the party. The show features over 150 performers and so many rooms you could get lost. My favorite moment from last year was when I got caught in a Detroit Marching Band dance party on the third floor of The Masonic; I have never smiled so big in my life!

Tickets are available at, but they are going fast. Make sure to pick up a pair and seeif you can spot us in the crowd of heathens this October 20th at The Masonic Temple. 


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