Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Duende & Passalacqua At The Loving Touch

Last Friday we finally got a chance to see Duende live. Boy, do they really know how to put on a show! They played The Loving Touch with Passalacqua and Pink Lightning with DJ sets in between the bands. But, most importantly, there was a giant disco ball. You can't go wrong with that! 
Duende collaborated with Passalacqua for their song, "Detroit J", and they were presenting the song that night as well as their video for it, which you can see here. The guys at Cabin 44 did a really good job with it as they always do. 
We also finally got the chance to catch up with Passalacqua before they went on. Check out their interview plus one of Duende's songs here:

Sorry again to Duende, but we look forward to seeing you again soon! They play every first Wednesday, or Duendesday if you will, of the month at The Loving Touch.


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  1. The song you posted that Duende is playing is actually a Talking Heads cover called Life During Wartime, not an original of theirs. They did an awesome job covering it.