Friday, October 12, 2012

Let's Go To Mars With Daniel Wang

Tour Detroit has been taking over the city and throwing some of the most epic dance parties in town. This time they are bringing a legend into town to make sure you shake your ass to the sound of disco. Yes, you heard me right disco. Not disco infused, not disco inspired but real live disco like it was heard on the dance floors in the 70’s. This is the opportunity for all of us who dreamed of wearing Halston and getting down tonight to do so. 
Daniel Wang was born in California, raised in Taiwan and currently resides in Berlin. He first made a name for himself in the mid 90’s in Chicago where he formed and worked on his own label called Balihu. His music philosophy is that all music can be summed up with 200 pieces of vinyl while the rest is merely variations of those 200 albums. 
He will be playing Saturday (October 16) at TV Lounge with the regular Tour Detroit crew including Steven Robert, Joe Vargas, Erno the Inferno and Craig Hejka. This event is only $10 presale here or $20 at the door. This is a do not miss event for anyone that likes to drink, dance and have a great time.

Disco is alive and kicking in the Motor City this weekend! My only question is where is that romper I have been dying to wear?


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  1. This is authentic. Nothing like the REAL 70's DISCO for Saturday Night Fivah. I wish we have that in the future over at the best club in subic.