Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Arrows Album Review

Today, Arrows released their first EP to the world. It is music a long time in the making with a group of musicians who not only ooze talent, but are formerly from Detroit. Members James Walmsley and Aaron Bryan are Detroiters who have found a new home in Omaha. Recently they joined forces with Joshua Foo, Kyle Petersen and Scott Micheels to create Arrows. 

Arrows was first brought to my attention when they posted some of the most creative band photos that I have ever seen. Essentially they took three kinds of wrapping paper and created a back drop for each band member to stand in front of. Then they took the same paper and created an elaborate outfit for each musician and put them in front of an opposing backdrop to shoot the pictures. Whoever the “seamstress” was is a genius. Not only was this eye-catching but demonstrated to me that these guys know how to think outside the box. 
That’s exactly what their first release is to me- outside the box. So many bands are doing the same thing that when you hear something different, your ears perk up with excitement. I received the EP last week and listened to it over and over again so that I could give you a detailed description of the music, but the truth is, it's just good music. Some of it is slow and some of it is dance music. Some of the lyrics are fun and some of them are serious. My favorite tracks are “Midwestern Beach Fantasy” and “The Moon”. Both of them got me moving in my chair. 

I also love their use of piano and other sound effects in the music. Piano will always be one of my favorite instruments, second only to drums. I thought this CD went especially well with car rides, the music flooded my ears in surround sound and made me smile on the way to work in the morning. 
The album can be purchased here. I can’t tell you about the technical aspects of the music that make it great or what key it was written in, but I can tell you that this is great music that you will love and will not regret purchasing. I hope that they return home to play a show sooner than later because I want to see what these guys can do live.


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