Monday, January 13, 2014

Talking wth Undesirable People About Their Tour Kickoff and “Former Self/Current State”

We met the boys from Undesirable People a little over a year ago when they opened for Wilson. We dug their sound and had a chance to talk to them during the show. They were charming and funny, check that old interview out here. Time has passed and they have recorded a new EP and booked a small Midwest tour that will kickoff this Wednesday, January 15th at the Yonka House.

The Yonka House is a DIY house/venue that is attempting to bring back the old school house show. They will be playing alongside Haunted House, Left of the Dial, and Private Parts. The Yonka House is located at 20483 Yonka Street in Detroit. The show is $5 at the door and all ages are welcome to come out and party.

We asked the boys a few questions about the new album and the tour and they were just as witty and charming as the last time. Check out what they had to say and head out to the Yonka House this Wednesday at 8 to help the boys kick off their tour on a high note.

Hip In Detroit- Why did you name your new EP Former Self/Current State?
Undesirable People- "I think we all really liked the idea behind “Former Self/Current State” because the concept meant so many different things to us as a band & just being people on this planet. In life, you try to propagate and reach beyond what you’ve known or where you’ve been. But you’re always told to embrace your past. Most of the time, you fill it with regret or despair. In a musical sense, that is how we felt as a band. We wanted to gap these two periods of our existence to reflect on and create the sound for this EP."

Hip In Detroit- How does this recording differ from the last two releases?
Undesirable People- "This recording was a whole new experience for us as a band. We recorded these four songs comfortably in a basement with our friend, Jan Calo. The overall environment and vibe in a sense shaped the final product. The biggest thing for us was recording all guitars, bass, and drums live. It really brought on a raw element and a different feeling for the EP. We even opted out of using click track on a few songs just to see how it would feel. I guess you could consider it a experiment for us. Simply trying new methods of recording until we can one day define our sound."

Hip In Detroit- How long did it take you to record this EP? What was the most difficult part?
Undesirable People- "Since we had the chance to record everything but vocals all at once, it only took us a few hours to cut all four songs. Spent a solid day recording vocals and playing around with a violin bow. The scariest part is there was truly nothing difficult about the process, it was a very laid back session for us."

Hip In Detroit- Tell us about your 5 stop tour kicking off at the Yonka House on the 15th. Will you all be driving in a van? Will you be pulling a trailer? What are the sleeping arrangement plans?
Undesirable People- "We’re doing a small Midwest run in January. The kick off show will feature our friends in Private Parts, Left Of The Dial and Haunted House. This run is a bit overdue and we can’t wait to see a lot of people we haven’t seen in a while & of course meet more. Here’s the dates:

1/15 - Detroit, MI - Yonka House
1/16 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Waffle Haus
1/17 - New Haven, IN - The Den
1/18 - Kent, OH - Euro Gyro
1/19 - Toledo, OH - The Ottawa Tavern

The old girl, Big Red (our van), will be towing the trailer. Our sleeping arrangement is usually unknown. It typically consists of 5 filthy men sweating, singing tunes and cuddling until we pass out wherever. We recently pulled out 2 benches in our van and added a N64. So we will most definitely be playing Mario Kart."

Hip In Detroit- Tell us about the Yonka House itself, what kind of venue is this?
Undesirable People- "The Yonka House is a DIY house/venue ran by our dear friend, Maxwell. He brings through a lot of out of state bands for the love of it. The Michigan music scene obviously needs more of this, so be sure to support all of his shows."

Hip In Detroit- What is the bands New Year's Resolution?
Undesirable People- "Continue to work on new songs. Do a full US tour. Hopefully get our music to other continents. Maybe grow out our hair..."


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