Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pick Your Prize Pack at our 2 Year Anniversary Celebration February 1st at The Loving Touch

We're getting really close to our 2nd Anniversary and we're getting more and more excited by the day. We wanted to make sure this is a great party and that the people who come out on the 1st not only have a great time, but some walk away with free stuff as well. We reached out to several companies and musicians and the response was huge.

So, after sorting through all of the amazing contributions, we came up with some great prize packs that we think you will all love. Each pack includes a copy of The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit along with an assortment of merch and music from Detroit Area Musicians. Some of the bands included are Ryan Dillaha & The Miracle Men, Dryvel, The ILL Itches, The HandGrenades, Cold English, Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks, Hit Society, Cheapshow and Citizen Smile. In addition to the music, each prize pack features some "bigger" gifts as well. Here's a list of what you can win:

#1- 2 Tickets to Nicole Atkins @ The Magic Stick Lounge on 2/19 - Courtesy of Black Iris Booking, 2 Passes to The Henry Ford - Courtesy of Motor City Blog and Detroitville Shirt

#2- 6 Hour Recording Session at Rustbelt Studios and Detroitville Shirt

#3- Gift Card to Ironclad Tattoo Co. and 2 Tickets to Dave Hause @ The Magic Stick on 2/12 - Courtesy of Black Iris Booking

#4- Gift Card to Ironclad Tattoo Co., 2 Tickets to Skinny Puppy @ The Majestic Theatre on 2/19 - Courtesy of Black Iris Booking, InkAddict Shirt and Cheapshow Shirt

#5- Gift Card to Ironclad Tattoo Co.Ryan Dillaha & The Miracle Men Shirt and Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks Shirt

#6- The Mark Culpepper Package including 4 Personal Training Sessions & 2 Shirts

#7- Gift Card to Ironclad Tattoo Co.Ryan Dillaha & The Miracle Men Shirt and Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks Shirt

#8- Sparked Gift Card, 2 Free Passes to any 2 shows at Small'sInkAddict Shirt, Detroitville Shirt and Ironclad Tattoo Co. Hat

#9- 2 Tix to Asking Alexandria at Royal Oak Music Theatre on 3/29 Courtesy of The CrofootInkAddict Shirt and Ironclad Tattoo Co. Hat

#10- Gift Card to Salon NoirMaria Rose & The Swiss Kicks Girl Shirt, Ironclad Tattoo Co. Panties

#11 - Gift Card to Rouge MakeUp & Nail StudioMaria Rose & The Swiss Kicks Shirt, Ironclad Tattoo Co. Panties

#12- Photo Session with Zachary Hooligan Photography, 2 Passes to How to Cope Fest and Cheapshow Shirt

#13- Gift Card to Rouge MakeUp & Nail StudioInkAddict Girl Shirt

#14- Saks Fifth Avenue Salon & Spa Gift Basket and a Day at the Spa (Over $250 Value)

#15- Saks Fifth Avenue Salon & Spa Gift Basket and a Day at the Spa (Over $250 Value)

So, how can you get your hands on some of these goods? Every one that comes through the door on February 1st will be given a raffle ticket. Head over to the Hip In Detroit prize table, write your name on the ticket, and throw it in the bucket. Between all of the band's sets we will be drawing a few lucky people's names. If your name is called, head over to the table and choose your prize. Yep, you get to pick what pack you walk away with! This means that you have to be present to win though and all gifts are on a first come, first serve basis! So if there's something you really want, make sure you get there early for a better chance of snatching it up before someone else does.

We cannot thank everyone that contributed to the prize packs enough! We've said it a million times now, but we can't wait to party with all of you at The Loving Touch on February 1st. If you haven't yet, make sure to head over to the Facebook event page here and RSVP so you can stay in the loop!


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