Friday, January 10, 2014

Sparked - A New Shop For All of Your Glass & Novelty Needs

I was recently on LARA, also know as The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, and I was shocked to see a thumbnail to click on a link to the Medical Marijuana Program. I have to admit that it is weird to me that medical marijuana is legal in Michigan. In fact, a lot of cities have legalized small amounts of the drug for individual use inside their own homes, and as the medical marijuana debate rises, the business of Mary Jane is growing like a weed. 

Hydroponic growing stores and glass stores have been appearing all around us and becoming a fixture in many of the cities in Metro Detroit. Instead of ignoring this new trend we thought we would go check out a new store in Clawson and see what the fuss is all about. 
 We were not sure what we would find when we entered Sparked Glass and Novelty Gifts, but it wasn't scary or weird at all. It smelled like heaven (they sell some good incense) and carried all sorts of neat things like knitted gloves & hats, art, metal works, candles, disc golf supplies, and Vile clothing. They just happen to also carry a lot of hand blown glass all supplied by local artists. 

We had a chance to ask the owner Matt Williams about his new business venture and get you some video of the store. This isn't just a place for those into an “alternative lifestyle” although they are welcomed. But, this also isn't your mom's novelty gift store, to say the least.

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