Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This weekend I got a chance to check out a new restaurant that popped up called Craftwork. It officially opened last August and has created quite a buzz, so of course I had to go see what it was about.
The restaurant is owned by Hugh Yaro who is also the owner of two other amazing spaces, Commonwealth in Birmingham and Ronin in Royal Oak. The menu is small and the room is very dimly lit. The staff was impeccable and the drinks were out of this world. I started with a margarita and ended my night drinking ginger beers that were a sweet treat after my meal. 

We ordered an array of appetizers to sample, including cooked chic peas, mozzarella balls, and a crab dip. The crab dip was very fresh and and one of my favorite parts of the meal. For an entree I tried the fish & chips, but replaced their chips with fries. I loved every bite. My co-diners ordered beet soup, a beet entree, a blackened fish, and a few other tasty treats. Everything was excellent, no one was disappointed with any part of the meal. 

The restaurant was reasonably priced for what it was and the space is beautifully decorated. There is also a large bar in the other room that is open for those who only want drinks. It's nice to see a space like this open within walking distance of a lot of the homes in the village. I imagine the residents of this area are excited to see a strip of nice restaurants to eat at (there is also a vegan space a few doors down). Parking could be improved, but it's a well lit and a safe area. So walking a block isnt a big problem.

Craftwork is located at 8047 Agnes St., Detroit, MI 48214 and is open for dinner and is thinking about opening for brunch soon. You can check out the full menu at  Congratulations are in order because we think that Mr. Yaro has another hit restaurant on his hands!


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