Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Inside Look at InkAddict's New Home in Ferndale!

This past weekend I went on a trek across Ferndale to pick up some of the prizes that we will be giving away at our Two Year Anniversary Show on February 1st at The Loving Touch. I had a chance to stop by the new InkAddict offices located in Ferndale and get a sneak peak of the companies future.

InkAddict moved into this location a few months ago and they are growing by the day. The space is huge and beautiful and will one day feature an actual store front where you can go purchase InkAddict apparel in person instead of having to catch them at a festival/convention or order online. They have two giant screen printing machines that are knocking out new designs everyday. There was even someone working on Saturday to keep up with the orders. They are shipping out multiple trucks worth of merchandise every day and making tattoo lovers across the globe happy with their well made shirts, hoodies, undies, hats, leggings and more. They have a full kitchen, a bad ass main office with a large meeting table and windows over looking the screen pressing machines. They also have lots of smaller offices to house the over 20 employees they now have working with them. The retail space is already painted and features wooden floors with a very clean and simple look to it. 

One of the owners Jim Doyon, walked me through and explained the vision for the space. Someday this will be a place for their sponsored tattoo artists to do guest features and to show off some of their art. They may even lease out a few offices in the building to other creative business looking to get a start, but for now it's all up in the air.

I loved checking out all the new designs and will be buying a new hoodie with the gold lettering the next time I get paid. I love my InkAddict hoodie, wash after wash and wear after wear its holding up better than any other hoodie I have ever over worn. The gold shines so brightly that it caught my eye from across the room and my first thought was, "I must have it." My favorite thing about their clothing is that it is made on soft materials that I feel good wearing all day. 

I'm extremely happy to see a Michigan based company doing so well and expanding. When you make a good product and do good business you get good results. They gave us quite a few things to give away in our prize packs, so head out on the 1st to enter to be one of the lucky winners! Keep an eye out for the retail location to open soon and, when it does, we will get a camera in there and show all of you how nice this place really is. In the meantime, head over to their website and get a little something for yourself. I promise that you will be happy with whatever you get, this brand and this company are legit.


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  1. This is an excellent space. I got a tour from my daughter who works there. The staff are very hard working and dedicated to the success of Woodward Movement (spin off from Ink Addict). Keep up the great work!