Tuesday, January 21, 2014

5th Annual Punk Rock Formal

Prom can be a big deal for a lot of teenagers, but if you were into punk rock you probably didn't think twice about events at your school. You were too busy going to shows and rocking out to attend that shit. I guess in retrospect, if prom would have had some live music instead of a crappy DJ, I may have wanted to go.

Once a year the Magic Stick and Bill Bondsmen hold an event called Punk Rock Formal. I have attended this event in the past and had an excellent time. One year I even bought one of those ugly gowns that you see at the Salvation Army and had a great time pretending it was 1982. I think this is a great excuse to wear that old bridesmaid dress that your friend said you were totally going to wear again paired with that fur you inherited from grandma and the clutch that you got at the thrift store. All of those things are just sitting in your closet begging for an opportunity to get out and have fun, this Saturday the 25th is your chance. To top off the night, this year's formal features a killer musical lineup including Bill Bondsmen, Nice Hooves, Rebel Spies, Fuck You Pay Me, and Nervosa.

Tickets are only $7 a piece or $10 for a couple. Doors for the event open at 7 p.m. and The Magic Stick is located at 4140 Woodward Ave. in Detroit. This is one formal where it is okay to get drunk in fact it's encouraged.


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