Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Detroit SubGenius Music Thing at Small's

This Saturday Small's will feature 12 bands on three stages playing back to back 20 minute sets. They are calling this event the Detroit SubGenius Music Thing and are only charging $10 to get in. The night will feature music from:

9:20 - Brag of the SubGenius / Boron Nuzzle (side stage)
9:40 - Nameless (rear stage)
10:00 - Cockhorse (main stage)
10:20 - Caveman Woodman (side)
10:40 - All The Wild Children (rear)
11:00 - Downtown Brown (main)
11:20 - Carjack (side)
11:40 - Kalashnikovs (rear)
12:00 - Year of the Pig (main)
12:20 - Man Inc. (side)
12:40 - Disinformants (rear)
1:00 - Amino Acids (main)

Meanwhile, DJ Wigglestaff will be playing music all night in the main room while the great staff at Small’s slings drinks. This event is all ages and Small's is located at 10339 Conant in Hamtramck.


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