Monday, January 20, 2014

New Music Video From Cold English & Groovebox Studios

The Russel Industrial Center is one of the coolest spaces in Detroit. It houses some of the hippest new projects and ideas coming out of the city as well as being the practice space for a lot of cool bands, the venue for a lot of cool parties, and a studio for all sorts of different kinds of artists. It is also the home of Groovebox Studios, a space where bands can play to a live audience and record a video to share with their listeners.

The bands that Groovebox works with use kickstarter campaigns to raise the funds needed to use the space and make the video. Recently, Cold English did just that and recorded a live version of their song "Haley Jane" a.k.a. "That Night I Met Jude Law". The band raised over $1,800 to make this video and it turned out great. Cold English reminds me of an updated and sexier version of Sublime with a little more of a hip hop feel to the music. This recording was made with no overdubs, no auto-tune, and no studio tracks, which makes me appreciate how good it is even more.

Head over to the Groovebox Studios here  to check out Cold English's video and many more from artists like YUM, Cold Men Young, Carts Before Horses, The Beggars, and many more great local artists that we love. Very cool idea and a very cool video indeed.


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