Friday, January 17, 2014

Mountain Babies - "Shouts" - New Music Worth Checking Out

We receive a lot of music at Hip In Detroit that people ask us to check out or do a review on. It's really hard to follow up on it all, but sometimes we get something that sticks out from the rest for one reason or another. That's exactly what happened last week when we were sent a link to the new Mountain Babies album Shouts.
Mountain Babies is a folk band/musician from the Port Huron area. I phrase it as "band/musician" because it's actually one guy, Dave Peters, who sometimes has other musicians play or sing with him, but it is mainly just him. He has a great voice and an amazing sound. Shouts is by no means his first release, but this is the album that put him on our radar.

The album consists of 7 songs, each with a slightly different sound. Some are upbeat while others are a bit more off kilter with a somewhat eerie feeling. The topics this singer/songwriter covers in his lyrics range from love to anger to nature, and some even have a storytelling element. Even if you aren't a person that gets into lyrics, the music end of it is great. Plus, Dave's voice has quite the range, he even reminded me of Johnny Cash at a couple of points. Perfect album to check out if you are feeling a little more chill or looking for something out of the ordinary. Definitely worth a listen and we think quite a few of you are going to like what you hear.

Shouts is available now as a "Name Your Price" download on Mountain Babies' bandcamp here. It is also being released on cassette today by ZZZTapes. This is the same label that has released albums from Touch (of North America) and SNAFU, amongst others. If you are interested in picking up a tape, head over to or you can grab one at Found Sound in Ferndale.


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