Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Muggs: A Hot New Live Album from the Ugliest Band Around

This Friday, the self proclaimed ugliest band in the world is celebrating the release of their first live album at The Magic Bag. That's right, The Muggs will be hitting the stage and despite their numerous releases, this is the only live one! 

The new album, Full Tilt, was recorded last year at Cadieux Cafe in Detroit. We were lucky enough to have the chance to check it out before the release date. I can sum up the album in one sentence; Fans of The Muggs are going to love it. That doesn't mean that people that aren't already fans won't like it. I'm sure they'll enjoy it too, especially if they are in to '70s rock! 

The 2 disc set is made up of 22 songs, including many of the favorites. Unlike some bands, these live renditions aren't exactly the same as the original album versions, except they are being played in front of a crowd. Instead, the tracks feature extended solos and are packed with all of the energy that The Muggs put in to their live performances. The mix is great, unlike some "live recordings", so props to the sound guy or whoever mixed this album. You definitely won't think you are listening to a boot leg recording that some dude in the back of the bar made on his hand held recorder, that's in his pocket half of the time. This is full album quality, but even better... You'll think The Muggs are playing just for you in your living room, or car, or wherever the heck you are.  

If you want to pick up The Muggs Full Tilt for yourself, head down to The Magic Bag this Friday. That will be your first chance to grab the double disc CD and it's only $10 to get in the door. Joining the rock trio Friday night will be The Steepwater Band from Chicago and Katie Grace. The Muggs will be heading to Spain and other areas throughout Europe for quite a few weeks after this show. So make sure you head out on Friday and pick up the CD while you are there. That way you can still enjoy a Muggs' show while whenever you want, even when they're out of town.


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