Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Garbage - That Hot Scot Can Really Sing!

Lately I feel like I am going backwards in time with my taste in music. I have been getting more into bands I should have been all about in the 90's. There are a few that I've always been in love with, but a few that I somehow never got too into, like Garbage. When we found out we were able to go see them this past Saturday, I really was pretty excited, I do love "Push It" (especially the music video) but maybe not as much as other people would have been. However, seeing them live changes everything. And don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't like them, I did and do, I just never listened to them as much as I should have, and I definitely regret that now.
The Majestic Theatre was packed on Saturday to see Garbage. When Shirley Manson came out on stage with the rest of the band at the beginning, she looked amazing. Her outfit blowing in the air, her pointy bun, and the lights could not have been more perfect. Then she starts singing. That Scottish voice is something else. I get so excited when bands sound even better live than on their CD. It's more rare than it should be, but Garbage does it.

Their set list flowed perfectly song to song and somewhere in the middle of the night, Shirley stopped the show to pull an adorable couple on stage. Scott had messaged Garbage on Facebook (Yes, Garbage actually checks it and responds to people. Crazy.) about how much him and his boyfriend love Garbage and one thing led to another and Scott got to propose to Domenick on stage in front of all of us. It was really sweet. Congrats guys!
Overall it was a great show and I have been singing "...Don't worry baby..." over and over in my head since Saturday night. And I have to say, Shirley Manson still looks as hot as ever. The whole band just seemed really grateful and happy to be playing which made everyone else happy to be there. We got some photos of the night to share with you guys. Head over to our Facebook to see the rest!


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