Friday, April 26, 2013

Cass Cafe: Restaurant & Art Gallery

There are some restaurants that you always want to go to and you can't get enough of and then there are of course the old, reliable standby's as well. Sometimes there is that one restaurant that you like, but somehow always forget about it. It just manages to slip your mind until you're in that area and need somewhere to eat, or you pass by it.

Well, one of those restaurants for me is Cass Cafe. I've always liked it, but have not eaten there that much. Even when I was in school at nearby CCS I rarely went there for who knows what reason. The other night Christie, Sadie and I were in the area and needed dinner and Cass Cafe popped in my head! So we made our way over there to get some food. If you've never been there, the appropriately named cafe is located in the middle of Wayne State on Cass. They serve things ranging from soups and appetizers to dinners and even desserts. This is a great place to take your vegetarian friend because they actually have good options for all food types.

I'm not a vegetarian but somehow always end up ordering like I am. I like my veggies! I ordered the Vegetarian Wrap that had roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and was served on a plate that was covered with their balsamic vinaigrette. It was good, but there was way too much spinach and not enough of everything else on it. Considering I was so hungry when I got there, maybe it wasn't the best choice. I did order a cup of the Spanish Onion Soup, though, and that was really good. It was similar to french onion, but much, much easier to eat!

Sadie got the English Fish and Chip Bowl. She'd had it before and knew she liked it so she just couldn't pass up on it! I've had it before, too, and it is pretty good! After some indecision on what to get, Christie settled on the Wild Mushroom Cheese Tortellini. She was pretty happy with her choice, although we sort of expected the mushrooms to be in the tortellini, not on it. I was jealous of her meal and might have to get that next time, though!
I hadn't planned on getting a drink at the cafe, but we asked if they had any specials and one of them was PBR's for $1, so who can pass on that? It was a nice little surprise! I also have to say that their bathroom stall door locks are the best. They are giant hooks! Check it out, you'll see what I mean!

Cass Cafe is not just a restaurant and bar. It is also an art gallery with constantly rotating works. Every time I've been in there I've seen some really different and cool things hanging on the wall. They definitely get some unique artists in there. Currently you can see works by Gary Mayer in an exhibit titled "Nature Unrepentant" until May 25.

The menu at Cass Cafe isn't huge, but they do have a nice range considering. Their salads all sound delicious and I know their soups are good! If you haven't been there, it's time to try it. And if you just haven't been there in awhile, hopefully this inspires you to get back there, grab a drink, have a nice meal and look at some great art.


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