Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All About Angie Yaldoo & A Little About Incognito

Incognito has always and will always be the coolest store in Michigan. When I was younger making the trek from Sterling Heights to Royal Oak to go shopping there was an event. I would save up my money and go buy something that no one else at my school had. I remember I got my first pair of creepers there and a necklace with a beetle in it that really scared my parents. For over 30 years Incognito has been finding and selling some of the most unique clothing, shoes, and accessories that you can find. They are one of the only retailers that carry Jeffrey Campbell in our area and their hat and jewelry selection this season is to die for. 
After 30 years they recently decided to give the store a facelift and converted the two room layout to a one room space. I have to admit that I was weary at first, but when I went in the store looked better than ever and felt more full. I noticed that the flow of the space was a lot more cohesive and it was fun to see the ways stylist Angie Yaldoo and her staff created full looks on each mannequin based on the vibe of the section that it was placed in. It's not the size of the store that matters, but what you do with it.

Angie Yaldoo has been managing Incognito for years, but also styles some of the bigger photo shoots in the Detroit area, including the recent cover of Real Detroit that featured model Krystal Gojcaj and was shot by the famous Camera Jesus, Joe Gall. Angie is one of the prettiest, most creative and well dressed women that I know. Her personality is the only thing that outshines her style. She inspires my fashion from season to season and helps me get the right look whenever I come into the shop.

I asked her to tell us a little more about being a stylist in Detroit, about the remodel, and what she feels are the must have and do nots for this spring and summer. Check out what she has to say and head into Incognito whenever you need a real stylist to help you out with your retail therapy. Angie is blunt and will not steer you in the wrong direction! Incognito is located in downtown Royal oak at 323 S. Main St. in Royal Oak.   

Hip In Detroit: When did you style your first photo shoot?
Angie: "I probably styled my first test shoot about 5 1/2 years ago. I wasn't on set for it, i just pulled looks for it and saw the photos after and wasn't too thrilled. The photographer didn't listen to how i wanted everything put together completely, making me realize the importance of being present for photo shoots. I styled my first commercial/ print shoot 5 years ago. That was super fun, it wasn't anywhere near a fashion shoot though, it was for a transportation company and was printed in Crain's Magazine." 

Hip In Detroit: How do you come up with your ideas for a shoot?
Angie: "It varies. Sometimes I am given specific guidelines and don't have much room to get creative. That' usually for print work for ad agencies. If its a fashion shoot, I usually collaborate with the photographer and and we bounce ideas back and forth to one another. Other times i may see or be at a location that really inspires me and think it will be a sweet place to shoot at." 

Hip In Detroit: How did you prepare for the Real Detroit photo shoot? What clothing did you feature and how was the team that you worked with on the shoot?
Angie: "The Real Detroit photo shoot was one of my favorite shoots I've worked on, mainly because I was working with all of my friends. I've done a couple of covers for them in the past that were more specific. This one was really cool because they gave Joe Gall and I the freedom to do what we wanted, from selecting the models, to finding the locations, etc. I brought on my talented hair and and makeup girls, Natasha and Jess, and we all kind of talked about each look for a couple of minutes on set, and they decided how the hair and makeup should change per look. As far as the clothing featured, I'm very fortunate to have friends that work at all my favorite local stores. I'm a big believer in shopping local and mixing different styles and wanted all the looks to stem from what I think are some of the best stores in Detroit, Incognito, Saffron, Lost and Found Vintage, and Caruso Caruso."

Hip In Detroit: What are some of the must have trends for this spring and summer?
Angie: "Sky high platforms!!!! And if you are a girl and don't know how to walk in them, I feel bad for you! haha"

Hip In Detroit: What is the one piece of clothing you cannot live without?
Angie: "There are two; High heels and a well fitted leather jacket." 

Hip In Detroit: What are your biggest style don'ts?
Angie: "Biggest style donts; Birkenstocks, Crocs, Uggs, Love Pink, flip-flops and showing too much of everything. There's a fine line when showing skin, if you're going to show off your legs, cover the mid riff and cleavage area, and vice versa."

Hip In Detroit: Tell us a little about Incognitos redesign?
Angie: "We have decided it would be a great time for a change after 30 years. Bigger doesn't always mean better, and by condensing everything into one store we feel that we are going back to our roots and bringing that feeling of boutique shopping back. Change is a great thing."

Hip In Detroit: Anything else our readers need to know?
Angie: "Yes, don't snap your gum or chew with your mouth open when you are around me. xoxo" (See, I told you she’s all personality!)

Thanks so much for taking your time to fill us in Angie!


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  1. a woman, I sure want to walk around in SKY HIGH PLATFORMS like fashion dictates, but I am afraid I will fall and BREAK MY HIP...any trendy suggestions?