Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wonderlust: A New Online Boutique Launching at 12 O'Clock Today!

There is nothing better than a pretty girl with style. I am of the personal belief that while clothes can be bought and worn, style cannot. A good stylist, designer, or fashionable friend is hard to find. I shop at a lot of local boutiques because I know that the stylists and buyers that run the place won't steer me in the wrong direction when it comes to the latest trends and merchandise. A good buyer will bring in unique items that you can't live without during the upcoming season.

Over the last ten years, the way that we shopped has drastically changed. With the creation of online stores, getting the look that you want can be as easy as googling “high waisted skirt". But, while buying has become easier than ever, finding good quality merchandise to purchase is harder than ever... there is a lot of junk to sift through. You can spend hours on and walk away without finding a single thing that you actually want to purchase. Plus, unless there is a review, it can be difficult to know what you are purchasing. Big corporate online clothing retailers are just trying to push merchandise, not necessarily trying to sell you style.

This is the void that online boutique owner Hannah Adcock is trying to fill. She wants to bring the boutique experience of seeing the latest trends and key pieces for the season to you in your home at affordable prices. She has been dreaming of owning her own company and selling clothing and accessories to girls like her, she just wasn't sure how she wanted to do it. After a little business planning and some start up cash, she came up with the idea of running an online boutique and named it Wonderlust.

Haanah picked ten key Spring and Summer clothing items and eight pieces of jewelry and is launching her new website today. She was clever and started teasing some of the items online and immediately caught this writer's attention. There were a few unique items that I wanted to purchase before I even knew why she was posting the items online. Needless to say, I investigated immediately and wanted to share this new venture with all of you. She intends to release new items every month and will be running specials and deals on all of the items. She has her own unique style and wants to share it with you. I asked Hannah to answer a couple of questions about her new endeavor and this is what she had to say.

Hip In Detroit- What inspired you to start Wonderlust? 
Hannah- "I constantly have a million ideas running through my head and I decided to run with this one. I've always thought that running my own business would be awesome and I finally decided to give it a shot. I love the idea of selling products that you won't find anywhere else in the area. It's definitely a big step for me and i'm extremely excited to see where it could go!"  

Hip In Detroit- Explain Wonderlust. Is it a clothing line, a name, an idea?
Hannah- "Wonderlust is the name of an online boutique specializing in women's fashion and accessories."

Hip In Detroit- What pieces are you offering for Spring and why did you pick these pieces?
Hannah- "The Spring line includes 10 pieces (in VERY limited quantities). I went with neutral colors aside from mint shorts and some polka dots! I'm obsessed with backless tops and dresses which you'll definitely be seeing in the store. We're offering three awesome dresses which can be dressed up or down and will be perfect for any Spring occasion. I love the tops that we're carrying for the Spring as well, they're very simple but each have their own appeal and are perfect for the season. We also have two pairs of shorts, both are high waisted - One is a pair of polka dot shorts and the other is a mint colored pair with a scallop hem. In addition to the apparel, the Spring line also includes eight pieces of jewelry to compliment your wardrobe! When picking out the items, I aimed for neutral colors and easy to wear pieces. I want people to be able to look at the store and see an everyday use for the items rather than having to think about where they'd be able to wear it."

Hip In Detroit- How often will you release new items on the online store?
Hannah- "I will be releasing new items on the online store a couple times a month. As for full lines, I'm aiming for the Summer line to be released in June and a new line every three months thereafter. Future lines will offer a larger selection of products as well. To keep updated with new releases, make sure to follow us on any and all social networking sites."

Hip In Detroit- What will Wonderlust offer that other online retailers don't?
Hannah- "Unlike most boutiques, Wonderlust won't break the bank. I made sure that ladies on all budgets will easily be able to afford any item in the store that peaks their interest. Orders will also receive a code for 20% off a future purchase. Keep an eye out for additional discounts, contests, and other things in the future as well. I'm also interested in feedback from customers and would be more than happy to work on carrying anything that you're looking to add to your wardrobe. Last but certainly not least, i'll be donating 10% of sales to a different charity each month. So, while adding some style to your closet, you'll also be helping those in need."

Hip In Detroit- What is your must have item for Spring/Summer 2013?
Hannah- "High- Low everything and pastels! Both of these things will be included in the Summer line."

Hip In Detroit- What is your biggest fashion don't?
Hannah- "Bra straps!! Like I mentioned earlier, the store will be full of backless items. Wearing a regular bra with a backless top or dress is a no no. This means that you should probably invest in a backless bra if you haven't already. I'll get them stocked in the store asap to make it extra easy :)"

For more info on Wonderlust and to keep up to date with what is in the shop, make sure to visit the online store, along with their Facebook page and don't forget to follow Wonderlust on Twitter and Instagram!


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