Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ever Want Brian from The Company We Keep to Write a Song Just for You???

A few weeks ago we got a chance to see The Company We Keep with their new lineup, including singer Haden who recently joined the band and began recording their first full LP with them. We had a great time at the show, but we got so busy that we didn’t get a chance to catch up with that band's creator and writer, Brian Southall. I couldn't believe the sound that they were able to achieve with one guitarist, a drummer and a vocalist. That in itself shows the level of artist talent and writing ability that Brian is able to produce. I decided to follow up with Brian to learn more about his perspective on the return of TCWK and a new venture he has just embarked on called Downwrite. Downwrite is a place where you can hire someone that you like to write a song for you. I know that many of you have followed Brian through his career, including two of my favorites, Fordirelifesake, for which he did a lot of the writing, and Boys Night Out, which featured Brian in their 2005 release Trainwreck. He has also lent his hand to The Receiving End of Sirens in 2007 and Isles and Glaciers in 2010. The Company We Keep has already recorded new music, now we are just waiting for them to release it. In the meantime take a look at what Brian has to say about this band, his writing, and the future of his musical career.

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Hip In Detroit- How do you feel The Company We Keep show at The Loving Touch went? Was it scary to play in front of all the people that you grew up with? 
Brian- "The Loving Touch show was amazing! Even though we all live spread out across the country, I still consider the Detroit area to be our home. It is always more nerve racking to play in front of a group of your friends, but it tends to end up being more fun as well." Hip In Detroit- How was the first tour together with the 3 of you, any highlights or lowlights?
Brian- "Our first show with Haden was amazing, and each show after has been equally amazing. We’re very lucky to have found her. I couldn’t be any happier!"
Hip In Detroit- Explain Downwrite to us.
Brian- "Downwrite is a site started by Bob Nanna (Braid/ Hey Mercedes) and Mark Rose (Spitfield). The idea is to give fans a platform to reach out to artists they admire and give them instruction and inspiration to write a song specifically for that person, about something they feel/felt. So, basically if someone likes the music I make, they can go to the site, choose a type of song, send me the notes on what they want it to be about, or what kind of genre, ect….. and then I get to writing and recording and send them their own custom, personalized song!"
Hip In Detroit- How did you become a Downwrite writer?
Brian- "I saw Bob post stuff about Downwrite and I instantly loved the idea. I’m always looking for better ways to connect with anyone who appreciates what I do for a living. I saw their post about it and emailed Bob soon after. I’m glad they brought me on board."
Hip In Detroit- What can you offer to someone looking for a song to buy?
Brian- "Basically I can do anything a 'customer' wants. Anything from ambient instruments to straight up rock songs with a full band and singer, any style, any genre, whatever that person wants to hear. Just answer a few questions on the site and I get started."
Hip In Detroit- How do you describe your style of writing?
Brian- "My style of writing for something like this will be an open book. Trying to pull from places I may never look to for inspiration to give the person what they want."
Hip In Detroit- Give us the inside scoop, what’s next for TCWK?
Brian- "TCWK just finished a tour and now we’re going to head home to do some post production for our debut LP which will be released this fall via Easy Killer Records. As of right now we have no immediate touring plans until the record is released. But that could change!"


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