Monday, April 1, 2013

A Not Terrible Video For "Terrible Days" by Silent Lions

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Silent Lions album, The Parliaments, that came out last December. If you somehow didn't get it then, I really liked it. At the time, the duo told us that they would be doing a video for "Terrible Days" soon, and that time has come!

The music video was released at the end of last week and there must have been something in the air then because a bunch of bands released new videos! This one should not get lost in the mix, though. The creepiness and artsy-ness of the video matches perfectly with the song. Watch it for yourself below. I just hope "Night of the Living Dead" didn't scare you too much...

Silent Lions are currently on their spring tour, but they will be back in the Detroit area for the Metrotimes Blowout soon enough! They will also be releasing the album on vinyl at the end of April.


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