Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Size Queen, The HandGrenades, Grande Nationals & The Sights @ The Blowout Night 2

After a bit of a rough start to the Blowout on Friday, we decided to play it a bit more by ear the next night. So Saturday, we got the camera fixed and made our way back down to Hamtramck with only an idea of who we wanted to try to see. Most of the bands we really wanted to catch were at Small's and the Polish National Alliance Hall so that made it a little easier to manage.

We started the night at Small's with the scent of BBQ in the air to catch Size Queen. We hadn't seen them yet, but we were glad we were able to catch them and even got a song for you guys to check out. It was awesome to see Drew on guitar and I have to say, Mike Ross is really entertaining to watch on stage.

Next, we headed down the street to the PNA Hall to catch the one band that we were all equally excited to see, The HandGrenades. As usual they were awesome and a lot of fun. The Blowout attendance seems to be down this year, but there was a pretty good turnout at The HandGrenades show and everyone was dancing and having fun. Yes, we know we may be a bit obsessed with these guys, but just watch them, you'll see why.

After their set, we went back over to Small's and caught most of the Grande Nationals. Some of us had seen them before Saturday, but I somehow hadn't and I really liked them. They put on a good show.

To close the night out it seemed like a lot of people were heading over to the New Dodge to see The Sights. Who are we to disagree with going to the New Dodge OR watching The Sights? Well, if you've seen our interview with them from the Blowout last year, you might not agree with the latter. Despite that we do like them and that had to be the most packed venue we'd been in so far. The Sights  ended the first weekend of Blowout pretty spectacularly. 

Regardless of a few hiccups, the Hamtramck weekend of Blowout was a blast! We ran into a lot of fun, crazy people and had a great time. We can't wait for this weekend in Ferndale, even though we will probably be running around like crazy people! At least all the venues are closer together in Ferndale! See you all this weekend!


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