Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Reason You've Been Saving That Gigantic Clock Necklace is Finally Here!

You know those ridiculous "reality" shows with the crazy, drunken 20 somethings, or chefs making weird food with crazy constraints, or best of all, anything with Flava Flav? Whether you admit it or not, you probably watch some sort of reality show. Everyone has that guilty pleasure TV show.

Speaking of Flava Flav, get ready for him to be back on TV soon. He recently opened a restaurant in Sterling Heights, Flava Flav's Chicken & Ribs. When I first learned of this, I was pretty surprised, but once you think about it, it's not that weird at all. Nothing is weird when it comes to Flav. The restaurant even has a catchy line, "Chicken you crave, perfected by Flav." He really could not have picked a better name to rhyme things with!

Unfortunately, I have not made my way to Flav's place to try the "bold and innovative fare" yet, but I may have the perfect reason to now. I mean besides to try the delicious fried chicken of course! Flav has decided to make his way back into the reality show world by filming a pilot for a new show at his restaurant right here in Michigan. If that weren't awesome enough, they are holding open auditions going on now through Thursday. So you, yes you, could be on a reality show with Flava Flav. Yeaaah boyyy!

The auditions go until Thursday, April 11 until the restaurant closes at 10 p.m. Filming of the pilot will go on Friday- Sunday. They are looking for funny and outgoing people, so now is your time to be totally crazy in public and and have it be encouraged. Basically, the concept of the show revolves around the restaurant and the funny things that happen there.

In order to audition you do need to fill out a form that is available at the restaurant. Once they review it, they will contact you to set up an interview. So turn on your "real" personality, get some ribs and hopefully see Flava Flav and some other surprise guests, this weekend! They will be rolling out a new menu at the same time that will include chicken and waffles! For more information on the whole thing this weekend, visit the facebook event page here. And just in case you didn't know anything about Flav somehow, don't worry. There is a whole page about him on the restaurant's website.


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