Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Come Party @ DET X DET With Us This Year!!!

It's no secret that Detroit is home to many famous and accomplished musicians and is still turning out new talent everyday. Like we keep saying, the Detroit music scene is alive and full of talented, aspiring musicians! There might be more types of music these days, but great music and musicians have always been around.

That being said, it seems fitting to have a show in Detroit that features Detroit artists and bands playing as other Detroit artists as a tribute. Every year musicians come together for  the annual Detroit by Detroit show and do just that. Oh Snap! PR presents DET X DET for it's third year, and it's just a month away!

This year's show boasts 16 bands performing as 16 other Detroit acts. The bands can play as any other Detroit musician they choose, current or from the last few years, and they each play 3-4 song sets. All the proceeds for the show will fund a special scholarship at the School of Rock for the second year in a row. The School of Rock students will also be opening the show for the first time this year.   To top it off, all three ladies at Hip in Detroit will be emceeing all night long!

I am pretty excited about most of the performances, but there are a couple I am particularly eager to see. For instance, Flint Eastwood as Eminem, and James Linck and Chris Jarvis as Passalacqua. I recently saw Flint Eastwood and I have full faith that they can pull Eminem off, but I really want to see that live. James Linck and Chris Jarvis are playing as Passalacqua and it just seems to fit perfectly so we have no doubt it will be interesting. Check out the full lineup below.

After Dark Amusement Park as Rodriguez (HEADLINING)
The Satin Peaches as The HandGrenades
The HandGrenades as George Morris
James Linck and Chris Jarvis as Passalacqua
Big Mess as Bob Seger
Stevie Soul & Omar Aragones as Mayer Hawthorne
The Walking Beat as The High Strung
Flint Eastwood as Eminem
Woodman as Silverghost
Revoir as Matthew Dear
Almost Free as Javelins
Blaire Alise and The Bombshells as The Sights
The Ill Itches as The Stooges
The Split as The Von Bondies
Mac Watts w/ The Backstreet Remedies as Stevie Wonder
School Of Rock as The Hard Lessons (OPENING)

The show will be on Saturday, April 20 at the Magic Stick. Tickets are a $5 donation and doors are at 8 p.m. Make sure to mark the date on your calendars so you can come party with us! We had a blast  last year and can't wait for it this year. A special thanks to Melissa from Oh Snap! PR for asking us to be a part of this awesome event!


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