Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rawdogs will Rock Your Socks Off and Bang Your Girlfriend When You Aren't Looking

Monday night we ventured out to the New Dodge to check out Rawdogs. We originally went just to have a fun night out and because we love Kyle Davis. But, they were so good that we decided we had to snap a couple of pictures and share this band with you guys. 
Rawdogs is a rock-n-roll four piece made up of Kyle Davis (vocals/guitar), Dean Karas (guitar), Louie Badalament (bass/vocals) and Tylor Good (drums). They're music is fast, heavy-punk rock and bad ass. If you don't believe me about the bad ass part, let me put it to you this way... they have a song called "Tuff Fuckin' Shit" on their EP "Up All Nite". That's pretty bad ass if you ask me. 

Their show Monday night was definitely a party and we plan on heading out to more of them. If you want to check out Rawdogs, head out to P.A.N. Shop on April 27th to see them along with U.D.I. (Reunion Show), Stale Fish and Public Sex. To hear some tunes from the band, head over to their Facebook page. While you're there make sure to read their "About" section. Definitely a more accurate description of the band than anything we could ever say!


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  1. If you think this was a great time, come on out to the Kyle Davis and Tylor Good (RAWDOGS members) birthday party extravaganza on Friday, March 22nd at the P.A.N. Shop! Bands playing: RZL DZL, Build and Destroy, Lockgnar (thrash metal from Minneapolis, MN), Axe Ripper, and Weed Nap. Doors @ 8 PM, Bands @ 9 PM. All ages, byob, $5. Be there!