Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Autumn Wolf, Music You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

The opening act this past Saturday night at The Magic Bag was Autumn Wolf. He kicked off an awesome night of music with The Hounds Below, Phantasmagoria and Flashclash. We were pretty eager to see Autumn Wolf because we have been hearing about him lately! And we love wolves, but who doesn't?

Let me just say, I am not normally into the whole dub step thing too much. However, his mix of that, plus guitar and singing is actually something I can get into. He had a lot of energy on stage and everyone in the crowd loved him. And we dug the sweet logo and banner as well!

Sadie sat down with Autumn Wolf before he played to learn a little more about him. Watch the interview and a song from his set so you can see what we're talking about!



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