Thursday, March 7, 2013

Child Bite's European Tour & Send Off Show

We have been following Child Bite since we started this website and it has been fun to keep up with them via their Facebook and watch them tour a lot over the last year. They keep going and going for longer and longer and getting farther and farther away from home each time. This time they are going all the way across the pond for the spring and playing here one more time before they make their way. I'm sure this is a sign that they will be touring for much of the next year, so you might want to see them while you can. If you check them out you will see what we already know, they are a pretty fucking good band with a great live show. 

This Friday, March 8th, Child Bite will be getting ready for their journey and saying farewell at The Loving Touch.  For this show they will have physical copies of a few of their pressings including their splits with Picore and Dope Body, Vision Crimes, and a few other specialties that are in limited press. If you don't already know, their singer Shawn Knight is known for his designs and artwork and each of their albums are unique and beautiful. I do not currently own a record player due to a broken needle, but I had to get the EP when it came out so I could frame it in my living room. 

The show on Friday starts at 9 p.m. and admission is only $5. Come on down and say bon voyage to the boys before they fly half way across the world and make Detroit proud. 


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