Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Calling all Bikers! Time to Bust out That Tweed!

We had a taste of spring this past week, and luckily it should be just around the corner. Hopefully anyway! I don't know about you, but it got me in the mood for some warmer weather activities- like riding bikes! I got an awesome new, well, 'new' old bike that was my grandma's at the end of the season last year and I've been itching to ride it!
If you are an avid biker, or like me and just getting more into it and want to learn more, then there are two great events for you this weekend, Detroit Bike City and Tweed City. Detroit Bike City is a bicycle show and swap meet, but with much more than just that; and Tweed City is the pre-party for the show. There is so much going on at these events, we thought we'd ask the people in charge a few questions to learn about it. See what Jason, Mike and Jakki have to say!

HipInDetroit- First of all, what roles do you play in the Tweed City event and Detroit Bike City?

Jakki- I am coordinating the Tweed City Party this year. Our friends at the Fillmore Detroit were kind enough to sponsor this event. With such a gorgeous venue as the Fillmore at our disposal, we knew that we had to do something elegant and upscale, but still fun and quirky.

Mike/Jason- We are the Co-Founders of Detroit Bike City. We work together and we all find ourselves having many roles. 

HipInDetroit- Can you explain what Detroit Bike City is?  

DBC- Its an all out bicycle extravaganza! Its an Expo, its a Show, its a Swap Meet, and just overall a really great event covering all styles and types of bikes and riders. 

HipInDetroit- This is the second year for the event, what special things can people look forward to seeing at it this year?

Mike/Jason- More bikes and more variety for one thing. With the addition of Custom Builder Row and the event growing to double the size, there are going be some pretty amazing bikes, some VERY unique. We also made the Bike Swap section free of cost this year to help bring in more swap participants.

HipInDetroit- Is the event more for avid bikers or can someone who's just getting into biking find things here?

Mike/Jason- We pride ourselves in having a very diverse crowd, and we do everything we can to invite people of all levels to attend. Bikes are for everyone and we really want to emphasize that.

HipInDetroit-  Will there be anything there besides bikes for people to see/do?

Mike/Jason- There is the Detroit Marketplace, which is made up of maybe non-bike related items, but represents a good mix of the small business and artists of Metro Detroit. Plus a documentary screening, auctions, BMX demos, educations opportunities, a live bike build and so much more. 

HipInDetroit- The Tweed City event sounds pretty awesome, especially for those who are particularly into vintage items and bikes. Where did the idea for the theme come from?

Jakki- The inspiration came from a Detroit Creative Corridor Center ("DC3") Accelerator Gallery opening (appropriately named "Bicycle, Bicycle") where I met some great guys from Windsor. They are opening a new bicycle shop called City Cyclery and decided to officially launch the store on Mother's Day with a Tweed Ride. The idea of a Tweed Ride seemed so charming and strong enough to stand alone as an event. Don't worry – I broke the news of my "borrowing" their event to them in person, and they were extremely supportive and connected us with the Windsor Tweed Ride organizers. Ideally, this event will be an annual part of the Bicycle Expo.

HipInDetroit-  What are some of the cool vintage things people will be able to see at the event?

DBC- Penny-farthings, vintage bicycles, and vignettes courtesy of Swoon Design and Rentals and The Detroit Mercantile Co. We have a couple other surprises up our tailored tweed sleeves that are best saved for in person!

HipInDetroit-  Detroit is not typically the most bike-friendly city, but biking seems to be getting more popular. Why do you think that is?

Mike- Detroit is on a great upswing, and people love having an accessible place to live, biking allows that. Detroit is super bike friendly, flat and wide-open roads for endless bicycle adventuring. 

Tweed City will be at the Fillmore on Friday, March 15 and goes from 7-11 p.m. Tickets cost $30 and are available here, or $35 at the door. They recommend dressing the part, and why not? That's half the fun! They have organized a shopping event tonight (Wednesday, March 13) at The Peacock Room and Emerald, both located in the Park Shelton, from 5-7 p.m. In addition to the vintage festivities, there will be live music! DJ Richie Wohlfeil, The Juliets and The High Strung will be playing. And don't worry about where you're going to put your bike while you're tweed-ing it up. There will be complimentary bike parking!

The main event, Detroit Bike City, will be at Cobo Center on Saturday, March 16 from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. As you can see, there will be tons of fun stuff to do and see! Tickets are only $10 at the door, but keep an eye out for early bird tickets with discounts/raffles. Check out the local vendors, go to the free bike swap, check out some new ones and support your local bike community and businesses!


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