Friday, March 22, 2013

Sweet Earth is Pretty Sweet!

It seems the newest trend in desserts is frozen yogurt. There are shops popping up in strip malls and downtown areas all over the place. Like most trends, this isn't the first time we've heard about this tasty, low fat, frozen treat. Back in the 90's frozen yogurt was all the rage too! There was even a Seinfeld episode about it. Well, although frozen yogurt isn't really anything new, we went to a shop the other day that presented this favorite treat in a fun, new way. 

Sweet Earth Frozen Yogurt on Main Street in Royal Oak is the place to go to get your dessert just the way you want it. The entire shop is self serve with tons of options. When you first walk in the door there is a variety of frozen yogurt machines along an arced wall, with flavors to please everyone's taste. There were traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate, fruity flavors ranging from mango to watermelon, and fun ones for those with an intense sweet tooth, such as birthday cake and red velvet. There is definitely a wide range of choices, including some that are non-dairy and vegan too.

After you fill your dish with the mixture of your choice, it's time to head over to the buffet of toppings. Here there are choices for the health nuts and the junk food fiends. Hot fudge and Caramel Sauce are between the fresh fruit, nuts and crushed candy toppings. There's pretty much anything you could want and even some toppings you might have never even heard of. It's a super fun way to experiment and try some new combinations.

Once you're all set, just head on over to the register and pay according to the weight of your sundae. The bowls only come in one size, but you can put as much or as little as you'd like in it. While you are cashing out, make sure to sign up for the rewards club! It was free to sign up and saved about $5 between the 3 of us. 
By the time we adventured through the delicious dessert line Sadie, Becca and I all had completely different sundaes. We all have our own taste and found plenty of things we each wanted to try. For three pretty big sundaes and a couple of bottled waters the total was about $15. Not bad at all for how much we got and for the added fun of making it ourselves! 

If you want to try Sweet Earth out for yourself, they are located just down the sidewalk from Incognito at 313 S. Main St. in Royal Oak. There are also locations in Birmingham and at Great Lakes Crossing. For more info on all of the locations, and to keep up to date on the flavors at all of the shops, make sure to keep an eye on Sweet Earth's Facebook page. Next time you're in the mood for a sweet treat head in to any of their locations for a great dessert that you don't have to feel quite as guilty about!


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