Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Alexis:These Boys Have Got Some Moves!

If you missed out on the show this past Saturday at The Loving Touch, then you definitely missed some awesome dancing. The night included sets from Flint Eastwood, The Sights, The Hounds Below and then Alexis closed out the night.

Alexis consists of Matthew Forbush and Dan Hurst. We had the pleasure of meeting Matthew a few months ago and were happy to finally get to see Alexis since they are from all the way in Grand Rapids!

Before seeing them, we had a few different people try to describe their live show to us and each person had a hard time really nailing it, except for the fact that they are awesome and love to dance. And it's true. I made my attempt at dancing, but I need to take some lessons from Matthew!

Here is an interview and a song from their set. Thanks again for bearing with our technical difficulties guys! Watch the videos and see what we mean about Alexis. Keep an eye out, they'll be back in town soon!


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