Wednesday, March 13, 2013

That Fuck Face Bam is Coming to Town with Wilson!

Every girl secretly has a crush on the guys from Jackass and CKY. And, every guy wishes they could hang out with those dudes. They are ridiculous and they are idiots, but for years they have been paid to have fun. They do some of the craziest shit ever and things that most people only wish they had the guts to do. Even if you hate them, you still love them. 

Thursday night Bam Margera will be hitting the stage alongside a band of various CKY members as Bam Margera and FuckFace Unstoppable  at  The Machine Shop in Flint. Appropriately placed on the bill, the party animals in Wilson will also be playing this show along with Know Lyfe. Now, I'm not quite sure what Fuck Face Unstoppable is all about but I heard from an source that will remain anonymous that it's dub-step with Bam slapping people around. I checked out the one song I could find on the internet and that wasn't quite accurate, but hey, when it comes to these guys who the fuck knows what to expect. 

One thing is for sure. I'm expecting this will be a super fun show full of partying, drunks, hot dudes and whorish girls. Tickets for Thursday's show in Flint are $20 and available through The show starts at 7 p.m. and is only for 18+. If you can't make it to Flint, you can try to catch FuckFace and Wilson in Toledo on Monday at The Rocket Bar. Sadly, this show will not be making a stop in Detroit. So those are your 2 best bets. Whether you go out of love, hate, curiousity, or just to see Wilson, we're pretty sure it will be worth the 20 bucks.


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