Friday, March 8, 2013

Get Your Fill of Irish at The Detroit St. Patrick's Parade

This Sunday at 2 p.m. Michigan Ave. will be full of thousands of people watching Irish families, Irish dogs, Bar Buses, the 501st and more parade down the road. That's right, it's that time of year again, the annual Detroit St. Patrick's Parade. This marks the 55th year of the parade that makes its way through Corktown. It packs the streets and the bars with people getting their fill of green beer and St. Patty's Day joy. 

If you are venturing out to the parade this weekend, there are a few things for you to remember. First, Saturday night/Sunday morning is Daylight Savings time! So, if you're a late sleeper, make sure you set your clock back before you go to bed and set an alarm so you don't miss the parade. Second, if you are venturing down to Corktown and driving, give yourself time to park and plan on walking a little ways. The place is packed! Last, but not least, even if the sun is shining, you will end up being cold! A friend I went with one year wore cute flats and ended up putting my mittens on her feet like socks! But, as long as you are drinking enough, you probably won't get cold and won't care if you have to wear mittens as socks. 

The St. Patrick's Parade goes from 6th St. to 14th St. along Michigan Ave. If you like parades and you like green, you should probably go to it. If you are feeling really ambitious, there is even a 5k before the parade at Noon, benefiting St. Patrick's Senior Center. You can get the details on that or register for the race here. For all of the details on the parade itself, or to check out some pictures from past years, head over to the Detroit St. Patrick's Parade Facebook page


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