Monday, March 18, 2013

Catching up With Arrows: Live Video and Interview

To keep up with the awesome weekend shows at The Loving Touch lately, we headed out there on Friday night to see some of our favorite bands, as well as a new one from out of town. Squid the Whale, The Company We Keep, The A-Gang and Arrows all played kick-ass sets. And Arrows played another one on Saturday at The Old Miami while they were still in town.

I don't think we've been shy about how much we love The A-Gang and Squid the Whale, so of course they were awesome as usual. We hadn't seen The Company We Keep yet, but they were also great. That girl can sing!

We here at Hip in Detroit were particularly excited to finally see Arrows live, though. They were in town from Omaha, but Christie and Sadie grew up with a couple the guys from the band. I had the pleasure of meeting all of them and they are really nice, fun guys, and it doesn't hurt that they play some really great music, too!

We caught up with all the guys making them stand out in the snow to talk to us after they played, but hey, it's cold in Nebraska, too, right? They should be used to it! All kidding aside, check out the interview and a song from their set here.


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