Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nerds Unite!!!

This weekend there are a couple of really fun events going on, in addition to all of the great shows! Both of them will allow you to embrace your inner nerd and celebrate two things I love... Star Wars and Comic Books!
In honor of May the Fourth, Detroit Psychobilly Alliance is Hosting a Star Wars Pin Up Contest at Small's. I don't know what guy wouldn't be excited about this! Hot girls dressed in next to nothing AND Star Wars themed at the same time. Sounds pretty awesome! It only costs $10 to get in and there are 2 great Rockabilly bands playing. Girls, if you want to participate in the Pin Up Contest, there is not an entry fee. Just get dressed up and sign up when you get to the bar! The winner of the contest will be awarded a Custom Lightsaber Hilt Trophy, a photoshoot with Glamourpuss Photography, corsets from V-Male Detroit Vintage, gift certificate to Coy's Comics and $200! Sounds like an awesome prize to me! 

After having a fun night filled with Jedi and Mandalorians, you can have a nice, relaxing day on Saturday picking up some FREE COMICS! Yes, this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!!! For those of you living under a rock, Free Comic Book Day takes place every year on the first Saturday in May. Comic book stores around the country give their customers comic books for FREE. Now this doesn't mean you can just walk in and grab the next installment in your favorite series for free. Publishers have released specific comics that will be given away in honor of this day. This year's list does have some pretty fun ones on it though! Some of this year's releases include The Avengers (Surprise, surprise!), Star Wars, Spider-Man, Yo Gabba Gabba, Donald Duck and a glimpse into the new world of DC Comics. There are many more on the list. You can check them all out here.  

Even if you aren't an avid comic book reader, you should really head out on Saturday. You can pick up some fun comics for free and maybe you will find your new favorite hobby! If you have kids, you should definitely take them to get some free comics this weekend! It looks like there are some really fun, kid oriented releases for Saturday!

If you don't know of a Comic Book Store near you, I'm sure there is one nearby! A few of the great stores that we know of are Time Travelers in Berkley, Comix Corner in Rochester Hills and TJ's Cards & Comics in Warren. 

May the Fourth be with you at Small's on Friday and Happy Reading on Saturday! 


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  1. Don't forget Detroit Comics in Ferndale, Glenn Barr will be there Saturday signing books!!