Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Ferndale is the hip place to be these days. The city has been growing in popularity and it seems that every week another bar or business is opening its doors. With all the new bars and restaurants opening up, we tend to forget the good, old staples that made Ferndale the hip spot that it is! The Woodward Avenue Brewery, also known as the WAB, has always been one of my favorite spots in Ferndale. Not only is it a great place to try a house brewed beer but it features a wonderful kitchen that can whip up some great food! I love this bar so much that I even had my fourth 25th birthday there this past year (that’s right 25 for life bitches). I was able to reserve a space upstairs and order some catering to feed my guests while we rocked out to the jukebox and played a few rounds of pool. 

This week, the WAB will be celebrating its 15-year anniversary and they are going all out for this event. Not only will they continue to have half-off food on Mondays, but they are making changes to ensure that they are the place to be for years to come.  
The event is being billed as the '15th WABiversary' and starts at 11 a.m. this Thursday, May 24. For the day, all beer will be $1 from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. This includes two new beers that are being released by brew master Greg Burke. The new editions are WABST Green Ribbon, a light Bohemian pilsner; and a seasonal beer, Green Bullet, an organic west coast IPA. For this event, all ten draft handles will be pouring. If you don’t like what they make in house they always have two guest taps for you to try, and don’t forget liquor is always available! 

At 4, the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a cake cutting ceremony upstairs, this will include a free taco bar snack hour from 4- 7. You and some friends can stop in and have a taco any way you like it!

At 8, they will officially launch the new beers with a 'pint hoist' toast throughout the bar and two staffers will begin to DJ for the rest of the night. I know many of the workers there and I imagine their music tastes won't disappoint. 

As you walk in, you can show the door guy a print out or a phone picture of an image located on the WAB’s website. By doing this you will get a ticket to be entered into a contest to win free prizes including a few small gifts and two grand prize baskets. These winners will be announced from 9-11. So make sure you get there and get your raffle ticket before 9! 

At 10, they are featuring a coney bar for anyone that is hungry from all the great beers that they have been drinking. Stop in and make yourself a Detroit-style coney, don’t forget the spicy mustard!

If this wasn’t enough to get you in the door, there will also be an art show featuring work by the employees that will be serving you and have served you for the last 15 years. Many of the staffers at this establishment have been with the company from the start- and the service has never disappointed me! 
Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday they will continue the celebration with a beer special- all beer is only $2 a glass!  

To close out the weekend they are launching a new menu. They have kept a lot of our favorites like the nachos and cashew chicken sandwich, but added in some new items. This new menu promises to be more vegetarian friendly to stay with the times and vibe of Ferndale and its residents. You can see a new menu here.

Don’t forget, the WAB still features half off food on Mondays and as of May 22, the patio is open!

Stop in, have a drink and remember to tip your bar tenders well! 

Happy WABiversay! 


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