Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Fun Night @ Small's!!!

Last night I stopped by Small's to have a Hard Luck Root Beer Vodka cocktail and see Mark Lanegan perform at his sold out show. By eight o'clock the place was already bumping! The jukebox was spitting out some great music and everyone was having a good time.  
I really enjoyed Mark’s performance and had a great time at the show. I think a great sold out show at Small's is the place to be. I love this venue and bar. The sound is great and the extra room off to the side provides a little extra space so everyone can get a good view of the stage. I was especially surprised when the band started to play. I was still sitting at the bar when the show began, but I did not have to rush out of my seat. Small’s now has multiple TV’s in the main bar to make sure that you do not miss a second of the show when you need to go get a drink. I was so happy to see that they had added this new feature to the space! It definitely is a cool upgrade for a fan that doesn't want to miss a thing.
We took a few pictures of the crowd and the merch table, but were unable to get a clear picture of Mark performing. Not because we didn't have a great view but due to some very dark red lighting that was not made for my camera to capture.
 Small's has a few great shows coming up including our friends The Goddamn Gallows on May 24, Bars of Gold with The Fencemen, Pigeon and Golden Torso on May 25th, and Gentlemen Jesse & His Men, The Barreracudas, Feelings and Twine Time this Friday! I highly suggest getting either a large size PBR or a strong mixed drink with some Hard Luck Vodka and checking out a show at this space. 

 Another happy hump day for me!


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